Ontrak SDN – ACI Introduction-16Hrs



  • Basic networking knowledge preferred

Basic networking knowledge preferred

– Become Familiar with the APIC GUI – Understand ACI Fabric Discovery – Configure a Fabric Access Policy to include CDP, LLDP, Port-Channel, and Link Level Policies – Configure Tenants, VRFs, and Bridge Domains – Create a VLAN POOL – Create a VMM DOMAIN – Create an Attachable Entity Profile – Attach an Attachable Entity Profile to a VMM Domain – Create an Interface Policy Group – Create an Interface Profile – Create a Switch Profile – Attach VMware ESXi Hosts to DVS – Create Filters – Create Contracts – Create an Application Profile – Associate VMM Domain to EPGs – Connect VMs to ACI Created Distributed Virtual Switch – Configure an External L3 Network – Create Application Profile to Propagate Internal Public Routes – Associate an L3 Outside Connection to a Bridge Domain – Verify that the Leaf is Learning OSPF Routes from an External Router – Configure a Contract between Internal and External EPG

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