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ONTRAK is a global firm with its base office in the US. The company was established in the year 2010 and its core purpose is to provide services geared towards putting its clients on a successful career track. The company comprises of industry experts from across the globe who possess first hand knowledge of how technology landscape is evolving and what particular careers are gaining in demand.

The company has a complete in-house infrastructure to assess your existing skills, enable you to acquire new skills, place you in best possible jobs, enhance your capabilities and re-assess you as required for your growth. Our expertise and direct relations with leading technology firms across the globe give us a unique advantage. The technology job markets are constantly evolving so it is imperative to plan well ahead of time and invest your time & efforts in the most growing areas.

why choose ONTRAK
Global Reach
Our global presence right here at the heart of Silicon Valley and other technology critical hubs across the world gives us a unique advantage. We work with top tech companies across the globe with a wide-ranging portfolio which enables us to achieve industry insights invisible to others.
State Of Art Infrastructure
We have a very strong global infrastructure base and our framework already consists of three wholly owned State of the Art Data Centers in USA, Middle East and Asia. This enables us to increase our global reach tremendously and engage with leading tech companies across different regions. We have successfully developed and deployed small, medium and large scale projects with some of the most renowned companies across a wide range of technologies.
Certified Experts
Ontrak comprises of an ever-growing team of now over 170 certified industry experts. Our team has a very diverse portfolio covering almost every key technology that is changing the world today. Team of our experts not only leads the industry in various emerging areas, they are in-fact also involved in pioneering different leading solutions. Our team brings unmatched diversity, creativity and commitment to deliver.
Leading Services
The world is changing rapidly and technology that affects every aspect of human life has seen exponential growth in evolving ways. We take pride in keeping at the forefront of technological landscape by focusing in particular on these leading tech areas. We have deep insight into evolving technologies that will shape our futures.
Training Gurus
We consider training our forte as our certified experts intricately understand the way both industry and technology is evolving. Our team comprises of many experts who have successfully mentored avast number of professionals to achieve great success in the industry across the globe. We have trained expert professionals as well as novice beginners and also fresh grads.
Technology is a part of everyone’s life and it has an ever-increasing impact on how we perform everything. It is never too late to learn about how our world is changing and what technologies are enabling these changes.
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