Ontrak Introduction to Datacenters and Cloud Computing – 10 week Training


The objective of this 10 week intense training is to be ramp up participant in Datacenter Technologies and transform his existing skillset to High End Datacenter skillset. Participants not only learn latest datacenter technologies but will also have Hands-On Labs to understand and practice the concepts themselves under instructor supervision



  • IT background
  • Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Telecom, electrical or other engineering background

Course Outline:

Week 1-2: Cloud Computing and Virtualization

  • Introduction to the Program, Roadmap, benefits, Industry Trends
  • What is cloud: Public Cloud, Private cloud, Hybrid cloud
  • What is Virtualization : VMware: vCenter Server
  • ESXi Hypervisor Bare metal provisioning
  • Workstation Lab (Installation of ESXi and vCenter on Two Virtual Machines in a Workstation and Adding a Host to vCenter)
  • Topics like VM templates, VM Clones, VMotion, VMConsole, Vmware Tools Resource Groups, Guest Customization
  • Datastores, OVF file deployment, Customizing the VM, Vmdk files, vApps
  • Virtual Switch, Distributed Virtual Switch (optional)
  • Demo/Lab: Advanced VMware features
  • Other VmWare products 

Week 3-4: Unified Computing System

  • UCS Introduction (Chassis, Blade Servers, Fabric Interconnects, FEX)
  • UCS Manager (GUI walkthrough)
  • Service Profiles, Fabric Interconnects in detail
  • Labs on UCS Manager (Creation, Association/Dissociation of Service Profiles
  • Trouble shooting

Week 5-6: Storage

  • Introduction to Storage (File Systems, Block Storage, SAN storage, NAS storage, RAID)
  • Netapp : Volume, LUNs, Initiator groups, Familiarity with ONTAP
  • Lab : End to End mapping from LUN to Datastore in vCenter
  • Other Storage Arrays : All Flash Arrays, EMC, Hitachi
  • Labs on Storage

Week 7-8: Networking

  • Networking Fundamentals (TCP/IP, OSI Model, IP addressing, Subnets, VLANs)
  • Switching and Routings basics (Routing Protocols OSPF)
  • IOS Basic Commands (base configuration) Lab
  • Nexus Switches (Nexus OS), SAN Zoning : Lab
  • ACL, IPv6, NAT

Week 9-10: New Technologies

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructures
  • Latest Cutting Edge Datacenter Technologies
  • Public Clouds
  • Mini projects
  • Hands On Real time work
  • Resume preparation
  • Mock Interviews
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