Ontrak Internet of Things – Bootcamp


The goal of this 2 days bootcamp is to unleash the buzz word “IOT” and understand the components involved in IOT. The bootcamp covers all aspects of IOT which one needs to learn to be a part of greater IOT revolution that is inevitable now. The bootcamp highlights IOT initiatives, IOT Ecosystem, IOT Security, best practices and practical real world examples and use cases.


  • Computer and IT Knowledge
  • Internet knowledge
  • Internet usage skills

Course Outline:

  • What is IOT
  • Why IOT Hype
  • IOT Initiatives
  • How IOT works
  • IOT Architecture
  • Who is adopting and what are their challenges
  • Things to consider before implementation
  • Building an IOT ecosystem
  • Security and Privacy
  • Analytics in Digital Era
  • Sensors and Raspberry Pi
  • Home Automation
  • IOT platforms
  • Edge computing and Latest IOT Trends
  • Future IOT Projects and Initiatives
  • Best Practices
  • Labs
    • Real project in class with Raspberry Pi provided to each participant
    • Configuration of Raspberry pi
    • Adding Sensors
    • Control Sensors using Python program
    • Connecting to IOT Platform
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