• Cloud Resource Utilization and Optimization
      CWOM, UCS, CI, HyperFlex
  • Saas based Datacenter Management
      Intersight with UCS, CI, HyperFlex, UCSD
  • Secure Data on Premise (add better performance)
      CloudCenter, HyperFlex, UCS, CI, Tetration
  • Transparent Infra Support for Application Development
      Ansible, ACI, HyperFlex, UCS, CI
  • Native Microservices for Applications
      Cisco Container Platform, HyperFlex
  • Unified On-Perm applications with Cloud APIs
      GCP ML API for sentiment
  • Extended SaaS On-Perm
      Azure Stack, HyperFlex
  • Infra and App security Workload Protection Platform
      Tetration, CloudCenter, UCS, CI
  • Automated Backup and Recovery from Ransomware Attack
      Veeam, CloudCenter, UCS, CI, HyperFlex
  • Multi-Cloud Data Management
      SwiftStack, HyperFlex UCS, CI

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