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ONTRAK brings a novel idea of incubation centres for universities and degree awarding institutes.

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The complete framework of this idea is aligned with the need of industry and national economy. Our incubation centres reflect our professional maturity and foresight in emerging technologies. The vision of our incubation centres is to develop a professional affiliation with progressive universities and to provide guidance and mentorship to talented students for their careers.

These incubation centres are not only providing training in futuristic technologies but also prepare the candidate for corporate world in terms of ethics, professional grooming and unmatched skill set. Our knowledge resources along with the state-of-the-art equipment make it possible to provide hands-on exposure and development experience for our candidates. Moreover, our program monitoring team at ONSTAK USA is not only monitoring the quality and assessment procedures but also participate in candidate professional progression and career development.

The challenge.

Our students excel in empirical knowledge; however with the fast paced development of this world, the empirical knowledge alone is not sufficient to excel in your career. Applied side of your knowledge is required to be able to excel in today’s world. Lack of experience in applied side places our youth below the required skill level that the industry wants to hire.

The solution.

At Ontrak’s Training Incubation Center, we provide the latest and hands on applied knowledge of actual use cases that we have applied in various industries all across the globe. Our expert trainers deliver and propagate the use of technologies and programs that are being applied in leading industries and companies all over the world. We provide updated knowledge and application, which makes those who have passed through The Ontrak Process, stand ahead of the competition.

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