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Onstak certified instructors have successfully delivered various advance technologies based training & vendor agnostic training certification tracks across globe. Please press the Get Registered button and get yourself registered to your desired certification or training course

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01. Hybrid IT & Cloud

ONTRAK DELIVER QUICK, SIMPLE AND SECURE SO YOU THINK, PLAN, CREATE AND MANGE YOUR ROBUST CLOUD SOLUTION. Enterprises need Cloud Solutions to reduce costs, increase profitability, improve efficiency, and support innovative business models, but as more businesses move to the cloud, more demand arise.

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02. Data Center

Ontrak team provide datacenter inventory assessment and application discovery services.

Our team uses the latest tools to assess the current hardware/application inventory and dependencies so that consolidation and migrations can be well planned. We use industry proven methodologies for minimize the risk during a migration process.

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03. Software Defined Networking

The adoption of modern, compute and storage intensive technologies and applications such as Big Data, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, East-West Security and even DevOps wanting more agility – all are main reasons we see companies looking at SDN integration within their existing data hierarchy and architecture. In order to manage the ever-growing nature of these demands upon the network, SDN technologies are stepping up to fill in the gap.

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04. DevOps

DevOps practices provide help for the necessary next step after agile development to leverage the full potential of agile and avoid massive post-delivery changes through the development teams, but before they are ready to go into production. The challenge is to navigate to that DevOps transformation—and make it happen faster and at less risk. The speed and direction of that transformation depends on individual circumstances.

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05. Sales Enablement

We enable YOUR sales teams to help YOUR customers to undertake transformational journeys:

From ‘Legacy’ infrastructure to Optimized ‘Cloud’ architecture (Public/Private/Hybrid)
Process efficiency through Dev Ops and Automation capabilities
Modernizing Data Centers encompassing Network, Storage and compute layers

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06. Cyber Security

We provide comprehensive infrastructure security assessment and advisory services covering end-to-end technologies including campus network architectures, enterprise data networks, and enterprise data-centers, private or hosted cloud solutions. We analyze internal & external threats which might impact IT Infrastructure in light of legal, regulatory, contractual & business requirements and assess the current security state of enterprise IT infrastructure.

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