Ontrak SDN – ACI Deep Dive + Operations & Trouble Shooting-40Hrs



  • Basic networking knowledge required

ACI Deep Dive– 5 Days

– ACI Management o Out of Band o In-Band o Power Management o Image Management o RBAC/AAA/T-Shoot – Up & Downgrade Firmware o Firmware Management o Upgrading & Downgrading Considerations o Upgrading the Fabric – Fabric Connectivity o Access Policies o Adding new devices to Fabric o Virtual Machine Networking o External Connectivity – VMM Networking o VMWare o Hpyer-V o OPENSTACK – Tenants o Application Profile o Endpoint Group o Endpoint o Private Network o Bridge Domain o Tenant Networking Use Cases – Contracts – Best Practices – Bridge Domain Features o Bridge Domain o IP Based EPG – Monitoring o Proactive Monitoring – Tenant & Fabric Policies o Proactive Monitoring – Infrastructure o Proactive Monitoring – Use Cases o Reactive Monitoring o Reactive Monitoring – Use Cases – Health Scores o Introduction o Understanding Faults o Calculating Health Scores o Health Score – Use Cases – Hardware Expansion o Expanding & Shrinking the Fabric o HW Diagnostics & Replacement o Cluster Troubleshooting Scenarios – Advance Integrations o Cisco ACI VRF Consideration & Shared Services o VLAN Domain Configurations (Basic & Advance) o Overview and Description of SPAN Configuration via CLI o Cisco ACI Micro-Segmentation Solutions o Service Graph o L4 – L7 Parameters o Operations Models – ACI Troubleshooting o How to use the API Inspector and how to use the information from the API Inspector o Basic use of Visore o Tenant, VRF, Bridge Domain and EPG verification via GUI and CLI o Endpoint verification via GUI and CLI o Troubleshoot interface policies o Troubleshoot switch profiles o Troubleshoot VRFs o Troubleshoot Bridge domains o Troubleshoot EPGs o Troubleshoot Vswitch policy o Troubleshoot VMM domain integrations o Troubleshoot VLAN pools o Troubleshoot VM connectivity o Troubleshoot OSPF interface policy o Troubleshoot OSPF neighbor relationship o Troubleshoot Advertising subnets o Troubleshoot protocol filters o Troubleshoot contracts between tenants – Application-Centric Infrastructure o Cisco ACI Fabric o Management o Cisco ACI Fabric Access Policies – Cisco ACI Constructs o Tenant-Based Policies o VMM Domain Integration o Contracts Within an Application Profile – Application-Centric Infrastructure Monitoring and Programmability o Configuring Monitoring o Configuring Security Domains and Role Mapping o Cisco ACI Programmability – Cisco ACI Enhanced Features o Implementing Inter-Tenant Communication o vPC o Deploying Cisco AVS – Application-Centric Infrastructure Networking o Packet Flow Internal to the ACI Fabric o External Layer 3 Network Integration o External Layer 2 Network Integration o Configuring Service Insertion and Redirection

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