Ontrak DevOps – Bootcamp


This instructor led 3 Day bootcamp is designed to educate participants through DevOps methodology and culture. DevOps is the latest methodology that is being implemented in all the Software development organizations. DevOps engineer are in high demand. The bootcamp will not only cover the methodology but also tools that are required to create a DevOps environment in an organization.



  • IT background
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Software Development Life cycle knowledge

Introduction to ACI – 3 Days

– Become Familiar with the APIC GUI – Understand ACI Fabric Discovery – Configure a Fabric Access Policy to include CDP, LLDP, Port-Channel, and Link Level Policies – Configure Tenants, VRFs, and Bridge Domains – Create a VLAN POOL – Create a VMM DOMAIN – Create an Attachable Entity Profile – Attach an Attachable Entity Profile to a VMM Domain – Create an Interface Policy Group – Create an Interface Profile – Create a Switch Profile – Attach VMware ESXi Hosts to DVS – Create Filters – Create Contracts – Create an Application Profile – Associate VMM Domain to EPGs – Connect VMs to ACI Created Distributed Virtual Switch – Configure an External L3 Network – Create Application Profile to Propagate Internal Public Routes – Associate an L3 Outside Connection to a Bridge Domain – Verify that the Leaf is Learning OSPF Routes from an External Router – Configure a Contract between Internal and External EPG

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