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ONTRAK is the lead player in technical skill set development in cloud computing, Software defined networks, Machine learning, Augmentation reality & Virtual reality, Block chain, IoT, Automation, Robotics, Big data, DevOps, Analytics, Cyber resilience, Artificial intelligence and Compliance.

ONTRAK is a subsidiary company of Onstak located in Silicon Valley USA and serves as its training arm. Onstak is a leading solution provider across all advanced IT technologies that are reshaping our world today and tomorrow. ONTRAK will train you to use these technologies which would reshape your career. It is an undisputed fact that digital transformation is changing the entire ecosystem globally, similar factual importance must be placed on the lack of matching skills. The skill gap is real and in the wake of the reformed technology-based world, it is also the deciding factor between success and failure. We are here to fill the skills gap by our advanced training programs. The new world is no longer just augmented by technology, it is now infused with it and is driven by it. The IT job markets are constantly evolving, so it is imperative to plan well ahead of time and invest your time and efforts in the most growing technological area which are best known to us.

Value Added Services

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We provide assessment to our candidates by our experts and carve a secure career path for them.
► Our assessment program is embedded into every program offered by us, in one form or another.
► Getting an accurate appraisal of proficiency is the first thing you need to improve it.
► Get accurate health check of your competencies to comprehend what is holding you back and propel yourself towards success.
► Our expert team has designed a program which targets all critical competencies and provides an accurate assessment of you as a student or professional.

02. Admission

We also provide assistance for foreign studies and guidance in selection of a suitable institute. We assist our candidates in finding the answers of critical questions like; Does your desired destination match your credentials? How can you get maximum mileage out of your profile? Join us and find out the best way to get what you want.
► We offer complete guidance, counselling & support for arranging international admissions to your region of choice.
► We offer admission services for all levels including;
-Undergraduate programs
-Post-Graduate programs
-Gap Year
-Summer School
► Our experienced professionals not only match your requirements to your goals but also assist by providing most suitable career advice.

03. Internship

Enter into your professional life by challenging yourself, become part of a global workforce, and take your career in the right direction from the very beginning. Don’t compromise on your future.
► Get on-board our internship program and discover the world of opportunities that could be yours.
► Don’t just earn your degree to kill time, it is a very competitive world, and you could use this program to get clarity about your future goals.
► Learn what it feels like working for an international organization and gear up to move ahead.
► Our program is designed purposely to give you a taste of things that you’ll need in your skill set to prepare yourself for the future.
► Of course, the program is also designed to be fun, so that your first look at professional life isn’t dull.

04. CO-OP

Enrolin our Co-Op programs and get international work experience and add real value to your profile and skills.
► Challenge yourself by joining our team of experts and test your mettle on the global stage.
► Our Co-Op programs are designed to develop & hone your skill set, covering every aspect of your professional competencies with the help of a meticulously designed work program.
► In the end, you will earn a work experience that is globally recognized placing you far ahead of your competition.
► The program is designed to assess every aspect of your professional capabilities in detail and give you the opportunity to grow rapidly.

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