Ontrak Multi-Cloud Data Management

Unstructured data is growing at an exponential rate putting tremendous pressure on IT. Enterprises require cloud-scale infrastructure that can scale seamlessly without any limitation. Legacy storage cannot address unstructured data challenges which requires cloud-like economies of scale.
Cisco and SwiftStack have developed a solution that meets the challenges of scale-out storage. This solution uses SwiftStack Object Storage software with Cisco UCS® S-Series Storage Servers.
Policies help ensure universal access to your data regardless of where your
data is physically stored: on your premises, in the public cloud, or in a combination of both environments (hybrid cloud). Common management across the solution delivers fast day-0 deployments and continuing operations. The building-block architecture of this solution makes scaling out fast and easy. You can make changes when your applications demand, without disruption. The high-bandwidth networking helps ensure fast object retrieval and data transfer.
Cisco and SwiftStack deliver universal access regardless of where data is physically located. Your data is stored in a single shared name space, enabling you to place data close to your applications, regardless of location. Because of the shared name space between clouds, you can easily move your data across a hybrid cloud. With this solution, storage resources are elastic. Pay for only what
you need now, and add capacity nondisruptively as you need it. You no longer have to overprovision for storage you may or may not need at some later date. With each node, you get two-thirds of a petabyte of storage space.
SwiftStack Object Storage Software is designed with a two-tier architecture; the proxy tier and the storage tier. The proxy tier interacts with applications to provide read and write services for objects, and it also provides load balancing across the cluster. The storage tier stores and protects all objects and can be scaled independently for capacity and availability.
The SwiftStack Controller provides
a single-pane dashboard to manage your entire SwiftStack Object Storage deployment for one site or for hundreds of petabytes distributed worldwide.